Gooseneck Trailer Design And The Truth About The Torque Tube

We get questions every day about Torque Tubes. Somehow the trailer industry has convinced the buying public that a Torque Tube is a valued part of trailer design. If your trailer does not have one it is inferior. The real need for a torque tube is a result of using inferior products and shortcuts in design

Typical gooseneck design has focused on a reduction in structural steel in trailer construction. There are many brands that use formed members as cross-members. Manufactures also use lighter main beams. This requires them to lighten the trailer to meet design specifications. This leads to increased flex when loading and while under operation. The solution to correct this problem is to install a torque tube and gussets to strengthen the trailer. They even use terms like “High Tensile” to make it seem like a benefit. Instead of the salesman emphasizing the need to strengthen the trailer, they tell you that the trailer was outfitted with a torque tube as an upgrade.


Typical 25 foot Gooseneck Trailer

Torque Tube Gooseneck Construction

There is little to no structural frame material under the deck between the I Beams. The torque tube runs from font to back and is welded into the front and back I Beams. This is done to lower trailer cost by eliminating the need for cutting, coping and fitting I Beam crossmember into the trailer frame. The Torque Tube is designed to reduce flex.

It is not a benefit. It is a fix for a problem caused by inferior materials used in the construction process and shortcut taken in design. 

Pro Pull Gooseneck Frame Construction

Pro Pull HD Gooseneck Trailers are built using a Boxed I Beam construction. All of the frame design contains structural steel. We use heavier I Beams to support the frame design. Ramps are built from I Beams for long lasting performance. The number of I beam crossmember is calculated based on the load and length of the trailer. This is truly a HD Trailer.

 There is no need to install a Torque Tube to stiffen the trailer. We accomplish that by using better materials and a superior design. 

Do I Really Need A Pro Pull Trailer

The real value in buying a Trailer that is built for structural stability becomes evident when things go bad. Pro Pull is dedicated to building the highest quality trailer at a competitive price. It is at times like this that a superior product is worth every penny that you invested in better materials and a better design.

This dozer was being moved without binders. The end result was a result of the dozer falling from the trailer. The weight of the dozer is on the front corner of the trailer. The trailer sustained no damage as a result of the accident. There was no twist or deformation in the trailer. That is a Heavy Duty Trailer.