Pro Pull trailers is known for building Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Trailers. This has become known as our HD trailer. The HD trailer is all tubing Construction and built with torsion axles. The floors, walls and roof is built on 18″ centers. This trailer will deliver years of exceptional service for the customer that uses the trailer every day. This trailer has become the industry standard for work trailers that will stand the test of time. LEARN MORE

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If you want a heavy duty trailer on a budget, Pro Pull has just the option for you. Our SP Grade Cargo Trailer offers many of the benefits of our HD trailer at a budget minded price. This trailer will still offer the durability that Pro Pull is known for.Contact your local Pro Pull Dealer to discuss which option is best for you. LEARN MORE

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The Truth About Cargo Trailer Construction

Cargo Trailer construction has evolved over the years. The continual drive toward lower pricing has changed the fundamental way in which design and build procedures are are developed in the industry. Many of these changes are not obvious to the buyer. However, these changes have significantly reduced the overall strength and durability of the trailer resulting in premature failure of the main components.

1. Use of Z Post or Hat Post in wall and roof constriction

These components are significantly weaker than tubing frame construction. They cannot be welded as extensively as structural steel components. The end result is break-away at the sidewall joint and or out of square trailers. It is common that door opening is impacted and excessive vibration will result in these conditions. Pro Pull builds all cargo trailers using all tubing construction.

2. Use of 0.024 thick aluminum walls

The use of thinner skin is strictly a cost savings for the manufacturer. There is no benefit to this material. When shopping for cargo trailers 0.024 skin will often appear wavy when the trailer is inspected from the side. When 0.024 skin is combined with Z posts or Hatpost walls, the result is often torn skin material. All Pro Pull Trailers use 0.030 Aluminum Skin.

3. Non-structural components in frame construction.

Many trailers use non-structural crossmembers in the floor similar to Z Posts. These members will add to the flex of the trailer. Pro Pull uses structural channel in the flooring of all cargo trailers.

4. Non-Treated Flooring

The use of non-treated flooring material is common practice in the industry. This flooring material will fail prematurely. Pro Pull uses 3/4 inch treated plywood flooring in all cargo trailers.

5. Inferior Hardware Components

Cheap Hardware will fail prematurely. Cutting corners will cost much more down the road. Pro Pull uses the highest quality hardware available.